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2nd Generation Google Glass Details Revealed

A new version of Google glass, Google Glass: Enterprise Edition already made its way through FCC to smartly target only the Enterprise market but not the consumer market. This version is not much different from the previous version Google Glass: Explorer Edition but it has incorporated the foldability feature in the design that was highly requested in the previous version.

The image of Google Glass: Enterprise Edition is revealed in the FCC filing that depicts the design is same as the previous version. This is still a head piece that continues over the ear. A small display attached to the glass projects images right onto your eyes along with a camera on the top.

But this device looks more robust to withstand any kind of bruises or falls with a larger prism. A hinge allows the device to fold. Also this 2nd generation Google Glass is made water resistant and closed off to protect the hardware from any damage.

According to a report, Google Glass is on its way to set a mark in all those places where Google Glass is accepted positively by incorporating an Intel Atom Processor and better battery life from the previous version. A speculation is that the new model might utilize a magnet to facilitate the charging facility of headset.

In January 2015, Google restrict selling their prototype display saying they are shifting Google Glass from secretive lab to acquire some modern technology to bring a distinct identity to the wearable. The use of magnetic external battery was also mentioned there.

The original Google glass faced a big controversy when the privacy concerns were raised for people who wear this device. The reason is this device is equipped with an always-on camera in the public places.

Another change spotted in the new version is the place of power button. The power button is moved to back whereas it was situated inside the device in the previous version. This new version is not available for the consumers as of now; however, you can always check the photo and design in FCC.

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