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‘46 Years’ Facebook Hiccup Is A New Year Gift From Unix

Don’t be afraid thinking you have lived out the maximum time of life, but you are just celebrating 46 years of friendship with some of your friends and its only because of a glitch in Facebook. This is a UNIX based glitch and only the old accounts are mainly experiencing this issue. What actually happened is some of the old users received a congratulation message from the leading social networking site Facebook on 31st December for celebrating the 46 years of friendship. The problem is even though you are in touch with some of the good friends for more than a half century, but Facebook is just 11 years old. So how come this can be possible?

According to some experts like Mark Davis from Microsoft, this glitch is purely related with the UNIX operating system that is being used in most of the data centre.

However, Chelsea Kohler, a spokesperson from Facebook stated in an email that they have addressed the bug and expert team is currently fixing the issue so that all their users can ring in 2016 with youthful mind again. But nothing has been disclosed about what actually the issue is.

UNIX’s internal calendar contains an arbitrarily set starting point named as ‘epoch’ that have a internal value of ‘0’. This assigned starting date is used to calculate time by OS and it counts seconds from that day. So, it seems that starting date is January 1st, 1970 which is 46 years ago from today.

Mark Davis wrote on Facebook that ‘’If you click on the memory page, it will show you a list of friends showing 46 years of friendship memory. But scrolling down the friend list displays that those are people with whom you became friends a long time back in Facebook. And it seems the ‘Facebook with since’ feature have been implemented after you became friends with those people, as a result, the actual date was stored as ‘0’ in the database that created the glitch.

He also added that developers should have included an extra line in the code to instruct not to use ‘0’ value in place of ‘Facebook with since’. However, this is a very common issue noticed in most of the electronic gadgets such as clock. But do not worry as this issue will be fixed soon and you will no longer have to spoil the New Year party discussing about the UNIX glitch.

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