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6 Best Instant Messaging Apps For Android

The name whatsapp comes to mind in all of us when talking about the best and most popular instant messaging app for any platform, be it android, windows or iOS. But it’s not the one and only IM app rather you can chose from many other options available for android. The 6 best instant messaging app is listed here so that you can pick the one according to your convenience.


 Messenger is one of the most convenient instant messaging apps and this is the Facebook’s official IM app. Packed with a well designed interface this app provides clean and faster service. The best part is that the users do not need to add the contacts manually rather every Facebook contact will be added automatically. Another interesting thing is you are able to message to the non-Facebook friends as well just by using their phone number. The app offers free calls, voice recordings, photo sharing, stickers, emojis, groups, location data, etc.


This is another useful instant messaging app service for android. Old is gold and this is true for Skype. Though it is mainly popular for video calling but instant messaging is as easy as video calling feature in Skype. This app requires the Skype ID of others to add them in your contacts and once added free calls and instant messaging is as simple as that. Skype credit allows users to make international calls at very low rates.


Those who are really concerned about the security of their shared and received messages, this is the best app to look for. Encrypted cross platform messaging allows the users to stay as secure as possible. The aim of the founder Nikolai Durov was to design an instant messaging app that is not accessible even by the Russian security agencies and he finally came with this Telegram. Till date no one could crack this free messaging app’s encryption protocol.


Integrated with Google+, this hangout is one of the best instant messaging app services for android platform. This app comes to offer SMS, IM service, voice calls, video calls etc. in a better way. As it does the work of both SMS and IM so the number of apps needed in your android device is reduced. Another important thing is the video calling quality; yes the video calling quality is noticeably better than that of Skype.


 Tango has to offer all those service offered by other similar messaging services. Instant messaging, chat, group chat, video calling, media sharing, stickers are some of the features of this app. Apart from the mentioned, Tango has been made to host news feed and other dedicated news channel. It finds out friends from the contact list but in order to show up, they must have this app installed in their device. The mid call mini game is another attraction of Tango.


IM+ is a very good alternative of Facebook messenger that has to offer something more than just instant messaging. It is a very simple app and easy to use. Packed with many interesting features this app is one of the perfect options to look for.

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