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The 8 Most Useful Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips

If you have owned a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge very recently, many useful features might be unknown to you. This article explains how to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Learn here the useful tips and explore your device even more.

Set up edge lighting

This feature lights up the edge screen of the device whenever any messages and calls are received. The users are required to set this feature by going to settings>edge screen and edge lighting to turn it on. There is option to choose a certain color also so that you will get to know who is actually calling you.

Pick 5 contacts for which the edge display will light up

Just turning on the edge lighting is not enough rather you need to choose the 5 most important contacts for which the edge display will light up. This can be done by going to settings>edge screen and people edge to select 5 contacts. 5 colors are available Blue, green, yellow, purple and orange, set one for each of them.

But along with this, it is also important to set up those contact’s email address and phone numbers for all those people edge. This is shown in the next step.

Set contact information for the 5 people edge

Contact details of the people edge are must to specify otherwise this edge lighting is not going to work for you. This is also done by going to settings> edge screen and people edge.

In order to receive Edge notification, set the email address and set the default contact number to receive calls and messages. This feature works best when the phone is face down.

Make use of heart rate sensor for sending quick reply to the edge contacts

The heart rate sensor is not just used to sense the pulse rather you can use it for sending quick reply as well. But again this feature is to be set by going to settings> Edge settings and then select Quick reply to turn the option on. Also set a custom message there so that whenever you are busy and not able to receive the call, just press on the heart rate sensor and it will dismiss the call along with sending them the custom message.

Have the weather, news and Twitter updates on Edge display

You can customize the information stream to get the updates on the edge display. This feature can be set by going to settings> edge settings and Information stream where you need to sync the Twitter account in order to get updates whenever any updates arrive. In case you are interested to download various types of feed, make use of ‘Manage feeds’ and it displays all the news that arrives.

Briefing feed), Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports Twitter trends, Yahoo! Finance are the types of stream that can be set by default.

Make your edge screen to turn off automatically after certain time

 Edge display is no doubt an interesting feature that let you experience a lot. But it draws great amount of battery if the edge display is kept on for longer period. Though you can’t make the display to turn off completely but you can always set the time period after which the display will be off.

15 sec, 30sec, 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes are the option to set the edge display timeout. Choose the one that is perfect for you.

Set Night clock

You can use the edge screen as a night clock at the night time. The duration of the night clock is 12 hours. When this feature is enabled, it will display a clock on the edge screen at low illumination that will not have any effect on the battery usage.

Turn this feature on by going to Settings > edge screen and night clock.

Set the position of the edge display

You might be thinking that this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is made to show up all edge display at right side only. But you will be happy to hear that there is option to change the side. Yes, it can be made to show the features at left side as well. Head to Settings> edge Screen and then edge screen position to select right side or left side that is convenient for you.


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