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How To Add A Location To Photos In Photos App For Mac

Photos app in Mac has brought various useful features through which you can make the photos to look more pleasant and eye catching. And now the latest version of this app allows its users to add the geographic location in the images to make it more informative. Adding location to images could be helpful in situation when you want to let others know that where this photo was actually taken or for later recollection purposes. Whatever is the reason you can successfully add location to photos in your photos app in Mac. Also an option to edit the location is also added in case you want to edit it.

But ensure you are using OS X 10.11 or the later version to enjoy this feature of photos app.

This process involves just easy three steps. This is explained in detail.

Process to add location to a photo in photos app in Mac:

Step 1:

First open the photos app and select the image in which you wish to add location. Adding location on a single image or multiple is done the same way. To add same location in multiple photos you need to select all of them. Next double click on the selected image or images.

Step 2:

The next step is to bring the image info inspector windows in the screen which is done by clicking at the ‘i’ icon located at right top corner.

Step 3:

Click on ‘assign a location’ and then start typing the location name which will start a location search based on the Map application. When you find the matching location and are satisfied with that, tap on ‘return’ to assign that location on the image.

This is the entire process. The process is easy enough and you can do this in no time. Now, once this photo is saved, you will get the new GPS geo location data stored as the part of images EXIF data when you export the images.

So, follow the steps above and add location to photos map in Mac successfully.

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