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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo- Your personal kindle books Narrator

Amazon has gone one step ahead to give us better kindle e-book reading experience by adding the virtual assistant Alexa to its Amazon echo speaker device. The female voice will now be reading kindle e-books in your library loudly to you.

Amazon Echo is a device from the largest online bookstore The device has the capability to narrate any kindle e-book present in your library. It is a speaker which packs in amazon’s own virtual assistant ‘ALEXA’.

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant, which uses Text to speech Technology to read out books for the user. This service is very much similar to Amazon’s paid service named ‘AUDIBLE’. However, the voice of Alexa is quite robotic and it lacks emotions and dramatic pauses at some points. The attractive thing about Alexa is its zero cost; hence, you do not have to spend extra bucks to use this service.

Amazon Echo can be controlled either by a dedicated app or by voice commands. To activate the device, you have to say ‘Alexa, read {title of the book}’. Along with simple reading, you can tell Alexa to pause the session, resume the session from same point and skip from one chapter to another. However, on the down side Alexa cannot skip a particular chapter from the book.

Alexa can read almost all the books that are available in the kindle library, and to get a glimpse of this service you can download free star wars e-book sampler available on Amazon.

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