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Amazon Launches “Dash Replenishment Devices” To lessen Shopping Drudgery

Amazon has decided to reduce some of our work of frequently ordering supplies online that means the appliances and machines at our home and work place will be able to do some of the shopping through online for us.

At a press release on January 19, Amazon declared about their innovative Dash Replenishment Devices. This one of the largest ecommerce sites announced that the first Amazon Dash Replacement Devices are now available including a GE washer, Brother printers, and the Gmate SMART blood glucose monitor.

On last April, we had heard about the Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) which most of you might have forgotten and also the news of acquiring an IoT (Internet of things) technology called 2lemetry by Amazon came soon after that first news.

Amazon again mentioned and explained about the DRS at January 19th press release saying that DRS allows the connected devices to place order for physical items automatically when the supplies are coming to the end. To make it more clear here is an example- a Brother Printer will order ink automatically when ink is running low or ink is needed. So if you have already bought a compatible Brother printer, you can start taking advantage of Dash Replenishment Service now. The concept is same for Gmate and GE washer also. You do not need to buy new device for them, you just have to sign up to activate Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service.

Some discussions were going on in the media about Amazon’s role in IoT (Internet of things) technology but everything got cleared when the manufacturers showed off the integration between them and Amazon’s Echo device at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Daniel Rausch, the director of Amazon Devices said on the Press Release happened on 19 January that Amazon’s main aim is to help customers to order some items when they are running low like printer ink, pet food or detergent automatically. All you need to do is activate Dash Replenishment when you are setting up your connected device and leave rest of the things on Amazon. The essential items will be delivered to you automatically.


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