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Apple.Car Revs Up Rumor Of The Tech Giant’s Auto Plans

It was rumored that tech Giant Apple is getting into auto business to widespread their product areas and now a new report is adding even more fuel to this speculation. In the beginning of 2015, Apple was said to work on designing an electric vehicle to be sold under Apple’s brand name and the speculation got revs up by the end of 2015 when some official added that couple of engineers from Apple recently made an enquiry about a former navy base that has been transferred into testing ground for the self driving and other vehicles.

According to the report of Macrumors website, Apple has recently registered some domain names such as Apple.cars, Apple.car and Apple.auto but none of them is active yet and it is not confirmed that what Apple has to do with these registered site names. The registration is documented in whois.domaintools.com, this is a site that generally keep track of all the companies and people behind the web address.

This tech giant is currently developing several auto related projects. Apple’s carPlay system is one of the most anticipated project that is been rolling out this year in some of the major auto models. This system allow the users syncing their Smartphone with car so that several function such as texting, music, navigation and more can be controlled through voice command, touching steering wheel of the car or else by using the touch screen.

Apple car, the electric vehicle on which Apple is reported to working will most probably hit the market in 2019. However, you might expect it before the mentioned period as well as Apple is recently doing every possible job to push forward the project and for that they have hired a top research and development executive from Marcedes-Benz.

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