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Apple Controls Holidays Sales Again, Accounts For 49% Of All New Activations

A report published on 28th December by Flurry, the Yahoo owned analytic firm reveals that Apple has again secured the lead position in new device activation during this Christmas. According to the statistics, of all those new devices being activated during the Christmas week (December 19- December 25) 49% share is of Apple. However, this percentage is slightly down than the previous year 2014 that helped Apple bag 51.3% share. So, Apple‘s sale is down by 2.2% this year.

Samsung has secured the second position by accounting for 19.8% of the new device activation. This percentage is not bad at all for Samsung as it has seen a decent rise than 2014 when this percentage was 17.7.  According to Flurry, some of the grand devices like Galaxy Grand Prime, Core Prime and S6 are reasons to drive Samsung’s sales. Nokia occupied the third place with 2% market share while LG and Xiaomi secured the fourth and fifth position by acquiring 1.7 and 1.5% market share respectively.

If the device trend is concerned, it looks like phablet witnessed a massive surge in popularity. This phablet accounted for 13% of Chritmas time activation in 2014 while this percentage reached 27% this year which is more than double. Phones with smaller size screen say 3.5 inches accounted for 1% activation and tablets such as iPad mini accounted for 9% of activation and the percentage of iPad Pro activation is even lesser than 1%. But with this massive rise in phablet sales, iPhone 6 and 6s of 4.7 inch screen size did not lose their market share as these devices accounted for 65% of total iOS activation.

There was a great hike in app download on Christmas day this year. Flurry has stated that the number of app download too saw a huge rise compared to the first three weeks in December. Apple sees a great surge in sales each year during this season and this year is not an exception to that. So this trend proves that tech giant Apple cannibalizes the sales of its own products perfectly to secure the lead position.

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