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Apple Criticizes The Proposed U.K Surveillance Law Saying It Would Endanger All Customers

California based tech giant Apple Inc have expressed its opposition against the proposed U. K surveillance law named as Investigatory Powers bill saying that threat to national security should not be such that weaken the privacy by putting millions of user’s data at risk. This Investigatory Powers bill aims at enhancing the investigation ability of the law enforcement agencies to inspect the terrorist attacks and other crimes. This bill also includes government’s ability to have an insight into the browsing data history of the U.K citizens.

Tech giant Apple is really concerned about the digital tool encryption that will be weekend by power bills and finally all the MNC will be left paralysis under numbers of newly introduced country specific laws. Apple has submitted an 8 page statement to the U.K committee saying this bill is going to put all their customers in danger. Also the creation of backdoor is not just helpful for the government rather the bad guys too will manage their way into it.

Encryption is a very strong technology that prevents anyone except the recipient from viewing the message and according to Apple, evens their personnel is not able to catch the message.  This California based company also added that, no doubt information is much needed by the law enforcement agencies to catch the criminals and saves million of lives, but still if it require weakening the end-to-end encryption technology, definitely the criminals will start using another available methods to communicate with each other.

Tim cook, CEO of Apple said that all the Apple products have in built protection technology encryption method that protects the user’s personal communication and other important data related to their health, financial and business. Even his perception on the national security issue did not change after the terrorists attack in Paris as he mentioned that Government has other useful tools to prevent the attack then why to weaken this encryption standard that will endanger most of the citizens. And frankly speaking if this bill requires weakening encryption in the Apple products, the citizens of the country will be put at risk while the criminals and terrorist will find their way to have access to the encryption.

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