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Apple Faces Lawsuit Over The iPhone Breaking ‘Error 53’

Tech Giant Apple is sued for iPhone bricking ‘error 53’ that left victims with no option but to own a new set. What happened here the iPhone users who got their iPhone repaired especially the home button that also houses a fingerprint scanner from a non-certified Apple technician, found their device to be inoperable as they tried to update it with the latest iOS version. This situation forced users to have a new set as no recovery options were available.

So, a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple by the law firm PLCC (Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala) demanding the compensation for the affected users. According to Darrell Cochran, the lead attorney of the suit, their main of aim is to help affected users who have faced the iPhone bricking Error 53 by re-outfitting them with a new working device. This plan will be helpful for users while Apple too will be benefitted from it.

However, Apple did not comment on anything. They have acknowledged the problem earlier saying it is just a security measure to ensure the Touch ID is working absolutely fine and no malicious is being tampered with it. But Darrell Cochran is not convinced with this statement from apple as according to them, if security is the only concern, then why the devices are working fine after the repairing and only the problem is raising its head as users head towards updating the device with new iOS version?

Also according to many third party repairers, it does not make any sense to disable the whole device rather apple could just disable the fingerprint scanner as the device will still be secured if users skip using the fingerprint scanners or else make use of the third party home buttons.

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