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Apple Introduces watch OS 2 and New Apple Watch in Sport Models

Very good news for watch lovers, Apple has introduced new Apple Watch cases and bands. These include the new rose gold and aluminum Apple Watch in sports model. It is also said that the watch OS 2 will be available with free updates which will make the apps faster and more fluent. Apple also has introduced new watch faces which will allow any third-party apps to display any information on the watch face. Apple Watch collections are now available with new case colors and also with fresh new bands. Apple Watch is now more customizable than it was in the earlier stage.

These watches will allow its users to receive instant messages and also with the facility to reply to the notifications instantly. The users will also be able to track their daily activity through this watch.

This watch also comes with the feature that you can control the music play on your watch just through your voice.

Apple watches have been made with different materials and also it comes with a number of bands which provides the users the liberty to decide which band they want to wear.

It is made up of an alloy of 7000 series Aluminum which is far stronger than other alloys. Although it is made up of Aluminum alloy but the weight is pretty light.

To aid further to the light weight feature, the glass used in Apple watches are aluminosilicate. This is the same material that is used in the windows of the space shuttles and high-speed trains.

Apple Watch is made up of 316L stainless steel and the steel used in Apple watch is up to 80 percent harder. The impurities in the steel are also reduced to a high-level to obtain a perfect finish. Also, one can see the addition of a diamond-like carbon layer which has been used to create the black stainless steel.

Apple watch is available with different bands made up of stainless steel and leather and these bands are easily interchangeable.

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