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Apple Overdoes Security Check By Bricking Down Users iOS Devices

Apple, the tech giant company has gone one step further to tighten its security check in the people’s iPhone and iPad devices even though according to many the company is overdoing the process. This security check can completely disable the use of device in case it is found that the device is being repaired by a third party technician. Replacing the screen or changing the damaged home button is very common but if all these replacement is done by any non-apple certified technician, an error message named ‘Error 53’ will be appeared on the screen and the whole device will be disabled.

Apple added in a statement that this step is to provide extra protection to the users so that they can stay safe from using a fraudulent Touch ID sensor. This Touch ID sensor enables the fingerprint recognition and if iOS finds any mismatch in this sensor, it will disable the Touch ID sensor along with the use of it for Apple Pay is deactivated.

According to another expertise John Gruber, this does not make any sense to disable the whole device rather it would be better just to disable the Touch ID sensor and the Apple Pay use. But turning the device into a complete brick by displaying an error 53 message on the screen is comically bad.

This situation is really frustrating and it is not known that how many users have been affected by this over security check of Apple. Might be the number has reached to thousands but the users are helpless. Not just that rather this company makes it hard for its users to replace the battery in case they ages while Apple users could not expand the memory by using any cheap memory card.

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