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Apple Said To Be Developing Long Range Wireless Charging Technology To Incorporate In 2017 iPhone

According to a report from Bloomberg, the tech giant Apple is currently working with its partners in US and Asia to develop a long range wireless technology that will be incorporated in the iPhone 2017. Sources claims that this technology will make it possible to charge the iPhone or iPad from anywhere even if you place it lot far from the charging dock. However, Apple needs to overcome various technical barriers such as loss of power over distance to achieve the feat.

This is not the first device to receive wireless charging technology. But Apple watch, Samsung galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 6 all have included wireless charging in them. But this wirelessly charged service requires the devices to put on a charging mat to charge them. Marketing chief of Apple, Phil Schiller stated in 2012 that they are not really sure how much this wirelessly charging technology will be helpful to the users as still most the of charging system need to be plugged into the wall.

It was rumored in early January that apple is planning to incorporate this wireless technology in the iPhone 7 but later on they decided to cut down this feature from iPhone7 as the team is currently working on this technology.

Apple showed interest in using this technology since the beginning in their first iPhone and they have gained patents from various organizations. WiTricity’s wirelessly charging technology is another technology on which they have shown interest. This technology makes use of hidden technology that allows users to place the charging pads anywhere they want. There is a magnetic field in it that wraps up around barriers and makes things possible.

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