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Apple sales skyrocket to a 31% increase

The tech giant known for designing the most beautiful phone on the planet, the iPhone, reaches a new limit as last quarters’ sales increase by a whopping 31%. For some time it has been thought that competition would surely affect Apple’s future as the leading producer of tech products and with the new Android phones roaming the market one is not faulted for assuming so.

Did you know that the average consumer of Apple products spends about $670 just in iPhone purchases? Compared to last quarters’ number of $600 it’s an even more attractive increase.

What’s even more interesting is the increase in the number of iPhones sold by 22% this year, and despite this, revenue from iPhone sales grew by an even larger 36%.

Similarly, Apple’s other products like the Apple TV, iPod, and the Apple Watch also sold at 61% higher than last year, bringing in revenues of $3 billion. Whereas the newest service offered by Apple, the Apple Music, in combination with other services achieved over $5.1 billion in sales, an unprecedented record.

The new iPhone sales record

The latest release of the iPhone series, the iPhone 6s has completely taken the mobile market as Apple reaches over 13 million phones sold. The new iPhone 6s has undergone remarkable changes, with the most noticeable being the tremendous increase in technical specifications and the newest 3D Touch feature. Technical features include a new processor, stronger skeleton, and higher resolution cameras than ever before.

What does this mean for the future of Apple?

As one of the largest tech producers in the world, Apple dominates the North American market, while the Chinese market was recorded to have grown a stunning 99% from last year. This increase is one of the reasons that the Chinese market is foreseen to be completely overtaken by Apple products in the near future, and this is despite the recent economic fluctuations in China.

The company does not seem as worried as the experts that have foreseen its possible sales decreases in the next quarter. Though one thing is for certain: iPhone hasn’t seen the last of its days by a stretch and Apple believes in their role as a revolutionary actor in today’s technologically advanced society.

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