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Apple Shut Down Topsy, The Social Analytic Firm

Apple has shut down the social analytic firm Topsy very recently and this news has been confirmed by Topsy itself in a tweet on 15th December. As a result Topsy’s website is now redirected to the mobile search support page of Apple. The tech giant Apple had acquired this social networking firm two years back for $200 million. Topsy had the same tools required by apple and it always makes a sense to buy a company having the required tools rather than starting a research and development department from the scratch. And Apple did the same thing so they did not mind paying more than $200 million to acquire Topsy in order to have those required tools than reinventing the new wheel.

Topsy is a San Francisco based company that contained enormous amount Twitter data and analyzed Twitter data in order to have a deep insight to the tweets, various events, users and other information which were then repackaged for selling to the customers. To help out people in easy searching through their archives, Topsy indexed the complete archive of the public tweets starting from 2006 of the sites.  Apple’s main aim of acquiring Topsy was to utilize the analytics of Apple in several Apple services such as iTunes media store, iAd advertising platform and Siri.

Though the actual reason of this sudden shut down is really not clear but according to a report by the Mac observer, this shut down is the result of expired contract with Topsy’s final client and this made Apple to shut down the firm along with moving to the Apple focused projects.

But after that tweet posted by Topsy, neither Apple nor Topsy has made any other comment. So we all should wait now to see the next step of Apple.

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