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Apple Watch And Apple TV Sets Quarterly Sales Record

According to a report shared by the tech giant Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple watch and Apple TV has set a big quarterly sales record in the first quarter of 2016. As per the posted report, Apple has managed to earn a massive profit of $18.4 billion. Huge number of Apple Watch was sold during the holiday season in December and especially the sale of this device saw a rise due to some special discount offered by third party retailers though Apple did not offer the discount by them. And this price drop is the main reason that boosted the sales of Apple watch. Also this tech giant made the Apple watch available in over 48 countries during the holiday season that contributed to the rising sales.

Apple TV is another product from Apple that saw huge lift in the first quarter sales. They have launched the Apple TV 4, fourth generation of this TV after which it saw a great peak in the sales. Apple TV 4 is packed with touch based remote control, siri voice control and an app store that allow the users to download more than 3600 apps in their device. This fourth generation TV is priced at $149 and $199 based on their capacity.

Apple has included these two devices in the ‘other’ category that also contains iPod, headphones and other Apple products. This category saw a big sales increment compared to the first quarter of 2015 (2.7 billion) while it is $4.35 billion in 1Q 2016. In this quarter Apple has managed to sell 74.8 million iPhones, 5.3 million Macs and 16.1 million iPads that contributed to overall $18.4 billion profit and attractive revenue of $75.9 billion. But the accurate sales for these particular Apple TV and Apple watch are not shared by them.

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