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Apple Wins Lawsuit Over iMessages Blocking Android

A class action lawsuit was instigated against the tech giant Apple by some ex iPhone owners who claimed that the iMessage app is catching messages on their way from the iOS Devices to android and finally blocking them. Few ex owners of iPhone faced this issue while they switched to android devices and claimed of not receiving any messages sent by their iPhone user friends in 2012. This issue irritated them and finally they were forced to get back to the iOS devices. However, apple has fixed this issue after two years in November, 2014 but people are wondering actually what took so long to resolve this issue.

Judge Lucy Koh was handling this case and she dismissed the lawsuit yesterday saying this case can’t be leveled as class action as this issue was not intentional from Apple’s part.

Many iOS users claimed that Apple did such delay in delivering a solution so that the iOS device users who recently switched to the android are compelled to come back to their previous iOS devices. Also they users stated that this is an intentional step by Apple that should be considered as a violation against the Federal wire Tap act. However, two of the plaintiffs who filed the case were not able to demonstrate this issue as the problem got resolved with their iPhone and it left them unable to say anything.

During 2012 when Apple users started switching to android faced this glitch at a great level and filed a lawsuit against this tech giant. However, people were so disgruntled that they found it better to switch back to iOS leaving android. This switching to iOS again from android solved the issue for most of the complainer as a result this issue was not given highest priority. However, still some users clung with the android and were desperately looking for some workarounds believing that this bug is intended by Apple to force the ex iOS users to come to back to them again.

But the issue is not at all Apple’s intention to get back their users and it is already been proved in the court. The thing is Apple users ditched their devices without deactivating iMessage which started this issue. This is just like you are moving to a new address without forwarding the new address to all and letters keep coming to the old address.

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