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Apple’s Much Rumored 4”iPhone To Get A Hot Pink Color Option

The much anticipated 4” iPhone from apple is rumored to launch with three different color options and one of that would be in hue to a hot pink color, according to a report. The so called iPhone 5se model will resemble its siblings iPhone 6S and 6S plus in many areas but at the same time it would be much different from them. The new model will be launched in chassis pink color apart from the silver and space gray options that is seen for the iPhone 5S model.

But those planning to own an iPhone 5se version with yellow gold color option, might be but disappointed as there is no such hint that Apple will continue the same color. As of now, it is rumored that, the new anticipated device would be available in mainly three color options and those are pink, silver and space gray.

The gold option was first introduced by Apple in 2013 with the iPhone 5s version and its huge success compelled Apple to introduce this color option in other Apple products as well including Mac.

Even though the production of this 4” iPhone 5se is underway that would be launched in the upcoming event but according to a report, the device will boast a metal backed design along with A8 or A9 processor and NFC support to include Apple Pay. The design is very much similar to that of the iPhone 6s. A photo was leaked in January that showed the unlaunched iPhone 5se in the comparison with iPhone 5s. The photo revealed that this 4” iPhone set will have sloping 2.5D screen, curved edges and a front facing camera left to the ear speaker. Apple has a plan to unveil this 4” iPhone in a special event in March along with other two apple products apple watch and iPad Air 3.

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