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Astrology at your fingertips

Good news for astrology lover. Now all the astrology calculation is on their fingertips with the new app Celeste. With the help of this new app, you can easily calculate astrological calculations instantly. This app is designed by the company Astrolabe, which has been the specialist in designing software for professional astrologer since 1979.

Celeste has features which will allow you to view directly what’s happening in the sky above. With the current Astro-weather feature, you will be able to view a chart which shows the position of current planet position and aspects. With this feature, you will be able to know the current weather and upcoming weather situation. This feature will help you by letting you know when to stay at home and when to act.

Celeste has a special feature with which you can calculate any birth data you need. The longitude, latitude and standard time is shown automatically by the ACS atlas it uses.

This app allows you to calculate a natal chart easily. This chart is visible on a gorgeous zodiac wheel. With this app, you get all the planets description in signs, not just the sun sign.

While operating this app user need to enter their location and a birth chart which will be provided.

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