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ASUS Includes Adblock Plus On All Its Android Devices To Restrict Ads

Ads are the continuous nuisance for all internet users and it seems ASUS has finally come up with a solution for that. ASUS, one of the major hardware manufacturing companies have teamed up with Eyeo GMBH to initiate ad-free android Smartphone and tablets. ASUS to ship its ad free devices in early 2016 that will have AdBlock Plus pre-installed in the default browser of ASUS. However the legitimate and non-obtrusive ads will be allowed to ensure that the web outlet revenue is no way affected by this move.

AdBlock Plus’ CEO Till Faida explained in a statement that they are awfully happy to work with ASUS, the first major hardware manufacturer for incorporating the ad blocking feature into ASUS’s devices. According to him, ad industry needs innovation to sustain and this move will drive towards having the first step. This step by ASUS is to get rid of the misbehaving ads in the long run for which publishers are ready to pay twice to have their ads shown. But now this is not going to work.

While ASUS browser has around 15 million users worldwide, this number is more than 800 million in case of Google chrome. So, it might raise a question to all minds but this is what all other browsers should notice and follow to strengthen the security of users.

AdBlock Plus will however allow the ads that are real and legitimate as a large part of the web outlet’s revenue depends completely on ads. ASUS’s intent is to help users maintaining maximum security where some of the ads having harmful intention such as employing phishing activities, installing malware and stealing some sensitive information. But the ads following all of the Eyeo GMBH’s criteria will be allowed as AdBlock does not want to work as an obstacle in the revenue of various websites.

The joint ad blocking effort by ASUS and Eyeo GMBH are only for ASUS android devices and in its default browser. So Mozilla, Google Chrome or any other browser will not be affected by this step even on the ASUS android devices. No doubt this move by ASUS and AdBlock Plus will raise the standard of ads that would be beneficial for both consumers and advertisers. However, users can still disable the acceptable ads by going to settings menu if they want.

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