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AT&T Acquires Parts Of Assets And Talents From Phone Monitoring Start-Up Carrier IQ

The name of Carrier IQ and its software became synonymous before the time of Edward Snowden’s revelation about NSA with a weird and unseen monitoring feature to monitor each and everything the users do in their Smartphone in the name of providing better user experience. This carrier IQ was employed by many major carriers such as AT&T, apple, HTC and Sprint. CIQ used to have a track on when and where the users are making calls, messages sent, their mobile and web using habits etc. Ericsson, Symphony Teleca, IBM and Teradata were the other major partners and customers of CIQ.

But now this phone monitoring company appears no longer and their website goes offline. A spokesperson from Techcrunch confirmed that AT&T acquired some of the software assets and talents of Carrier IQ.

According to a spokesperson from AT&T, they signed on with CIQ as a customer years ago to use the software of them so as to troubleshoot the wireless quality of their customers and the situation is still same. Only they have acquired some of its software while some staffs from CIQ shifted to AT&T. They also added that their main aim is to improve the wireless service experience along with customer network. And this is solely in line with their privacy.

When the news of Carrier IQ getting sold came into light, it revealed that two high profile companies are involved in the acquisition of CIQ. Apart from AT&T, Neilson was too involved in the purchase according to a report. And it was also reported that Neilson will license some of the CIQ software from AT&T.

However, a source from Neilson said that he is not aware of anything when contacted.

The name CIQ was prominent in 2011 when a developer showed that how CIQ code is being installed on Smartphone so as to track different aspects of the users when using the devices. Carrier IQ covered around 150 million handsets to capture the user’s data.

This start up phone monitoring company was founded in 2005 and from 2005-2011 they were able to raise $42 million with investors such as Benchmark, CRV, Accel, Intel Capital and Mohr Davidow.

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