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Wi-Fi Assist

How To Avoid A Huge Bill Due To Wi-Fi Assist

Apple has brought their latest iOS 9 operating system with some major tweaks such as a beefed up Notes app, a redesigned native news aggregator, the ‘low power mode’ to make the iOS device alive for longer and more. But the more interesting tweak is the addition of Wi-Fi assist. This option remains on by default.

This Wi-Fi assist feature aims at providing uninterrupted internet connection in the Smartphone. There are many who demand all time internet connection and a single minute without internet it feels like they can’t move a single step. Apple has understood this need and they came with the ‘Wi-Fi assist’ feature. This feature when activated automatically switch to cellular data when it finds the Wi-Fi signal is too weak. Thus offers a faster network even though it makes use of huge cellular data and create a huge bill.

This feature is definitely a great help for many who fortunately have an unlimited data usage pack. But if you have a certain limit to stick to, this might be proved as terrible for you. It will eat up large amount of data in your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and end up producing a huge bill.

However, most of the people want to avoid the huge bill due to this Wi-Fi assist and the one and only way is to disable this feature. By default, it remains on in iOS 9. Here is how to disable the Wi-Fi assist feature in your iOS 9 device.

Process to disable Wi-Fi assist feature:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap on the option ‘cellular’ to locate the Wi-Fi assist option
  • Here just move the slider to select the option ‘off’.

That’s it and you will be safe from generating huge bills from the next month onwards.

If you have recently upgraded your iOS device with the latest operating system iOS 9, this feature will be present or else if you have recently taken a delivery of the new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you will be able to enjoy the Wi-Fi assist feature.


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