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Beautification project for smartphones

Most of the smartphones come with irritating black dots near the selfie camera that contain different sensors. These dots have been part of the smartphones for nearly a decade but upcoming modern phones may finally get rid of these dots.

A recent development by Elliptic Labs has made promising advancements in removing those sensors. The company has developed a proximity sensor that can be installed right in the mic eliminating the need to add ugly black dots on an otherwise attractive phone or device.

Most of the smartphones come with two sensors in the front while iPhone has one visible sensor and another that is painted over. Elliptic Lab’s Ultrasound sensor are more accurate and also have the potential to remove the extra space required by the traditional sensors. This extra space can be used to add larger batteries or decrease the weight and dimensions of the phone. The company also revealed that their ultrasound technology has wider visibility and outperforms traditional sensors in all respects.

Elliptic Lab has announced that it is currently in partnership with 5 large smartphone manufacturers. The company would be announcing further details about its products in the coming Mobile World Conference.

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly in search of tweaks that can make their products stand out from others or improve the user experience. The smartphone market has become extremely competitive in the recent years forcing the companies to seek more innovation and develop products that are faster and take less space.

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