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Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

The coming of the latest Windows version is expected to arrive sooner than expected. With it, comes the information that a renewed prominence is given to the supposedly archaic keyboard functions. Microsoft’s incredible Windows 10 would simply allow users short of Mach 10 speed limits if the necessary keyboard shortcuts are taken to heart.

One of the features that can only be found with the latest Windows edition is the Cortana. The ever versatile Cortana feature is no longer limited on the quintessential Windows Phone, the app is now available on a desktop. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts to Cortana and a slew of others that are as badly-needed:

  • Windows Key +S: Opens Cortana for text input.
  • Windows Key + Q: Opens Cortana for voice input.
  • Windows Key +1: Opens Settings Menu.
  • Windows Key + T: Checks the Task Bar Items in succession.
  • Windows Key + Shift + Left: Moves the window to the next screen. Use Right if you want to move it in that direction.
  • Windows Key + E: Runs Windows Explorer.
  • Windows Key + Home: Retains the active window. All others are minimized.
  • CTRL + SHIFT +M: Restores all the minimized windows.
  • Windows Key + L: Locks the PC
  • Shift + Delete: Completely Deletes Files (no recycle bin needed).
  • ALT + F4: Closes the Active Window
  • ALT + Tab: Switches between windows
  • Windows Key + F1: Opens Help Option for Windows

Snapping is also another new key feature with Windows 10. It allows the user to snap a window to any of the four directions: left, right, up, or down. More so, the display can be halved or divided into quarters. Here are the shortcuts:

  • Windows Key + Left: Snaps a window Left
  • Windows Key + Right: Snaps a window Right
  • Windows Key + Up: Snaps a window Up
  • Windows Key + Down: Snaps a window Down

By snapping all four directions, one makes a quadrant. If one has to snap, might as well do it on the display than at the boss!

The Virtual Desktop is another new feature that makes Windows 10 even more convenient and practical for the user. Here are a few Virtual Desktop shortcuts:

  • Windows Key + Tab: Allows overview and access of virtual desktops.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + Left: switches virtual desktops going to the left. Use right if preferred.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + D: Creates a new virtual desktop
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: Closes the current desktop.

Upon initial foray into them, the shortcuts could be quite confusing or overwhelming. Once the growing pains are surpassed, it’s off to the races for the user.

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