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A Big Refresh To Twitter’s Long Ignored Mac App

Good news for all the Mac users as Twitter has recently delivered a brand new Mac app that is fully revived with a new design to have the desktop clients in line with the mobile and web app counterpart. The Mac app is redesigned such a way that does not clash with the design of Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. Important features like inline video and animated GIFs will finally be available to the Mac users. Support for notification center widget is also a great addition that was completely missing in the previous version.

Among other important features, ability to mute certain accounts, group messaging, supporting Twitter’s new quote style to retweet are impressive. In case users are not satisfied with the default color scheme of Twitter, changing it to dark ‘mode’ can bring some differences. This dark mode will really go well with the dark theme that was introduced in the Yosemite.

Twitter has brought huge improvements in the app compared to the previous version. But still something is missing such as it does not allow using the new poll feature; also the notification is flashed more than once.

Mac app by Twitter was first introduced long back in 2011 but unfortunately it was languished very soon after the launch. It took around two years for Twitter to initiate the first update and till date only two updates it received. So, if you observe that there is hardly anything new in Twitter 4.0, this is very natural. Also Twitter could not make available many important features to its Mac client even after the update. And it is only because of the company’s lack of focus on the Mac app.

Twitter announced about the new Twitter app at their developer conference recently but the suggestion is to hand over the rein to someone else for a good reason. According to Sarah Perez from TechCrunch, this recent update in Mac app is done by some third party even though the company did not confirm anything yet. Anyway, whoever is developing the app, it would be better if all the latest feature is added to keep the app current.

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