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Bing, the underdog of search engines

In a remarkable turnover, Microsoft Bing contributed more than $1 billion to Microsoft’s revenue in its running quarter of 2016. The fact was made clear by the Chief financial officer Amy Hood.

This seems to be a remarkable turnover in the context that Bing had remained unprofitable for the last four years. When Microsoft invested in Bing, people were amazed and shocked that why a company like Microsoft will do such foolish thing. But all the answers to their questions are available in the form of result that Microsoft search revenue grew by 29%.

Bing’s success can be said due to its presence all over the internet. Although not many people log in but it is present everywhere. The introduction of Windows 10 has also contributed to the success of Bing.

For the first time in March Bing crossed the 20% market share threshold. The current share of Bing is around 20.7% of desktop share engine market share. Of all the search engines available, Google holds most of the share with a whopping 63.9% shares. Although Bing is far behind google but the greatest achievement for Bing is that it has surpassed Yahoo which is the third-best search engine available and that too by a margin of 8.1%.

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