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Blackberry Priv Sales Quite Positive, Says CEO Chen

The sales of Blackberry Priv, the first android Smartphone from the Canadian company Blackberry is finally able to get back this company into a break even position with its positive sales. This set was introduced at the early of this year at a huge risk but it seems this gamble is finally paying off. The global revenue earned by Blackberry this quarter reached $548 million that is 11.8 percent more than the last quarter. It’s the first time this company saw increase in revenue in two back to back quarters after 2013. But, nothing has been confirmed about the sale of their premium set Blackberry Priv.

Chen, the CEO of Blackberry did not disclose much about their first ever android Smartphone Priv, but he only said that the initial sale is quite positive and it is no doubt a very expensive phone priced at $699, so he will not like to overhype things.

It is revealed from the quarterly report of Blackberry that they have sold out 700,000 phones in this quarter that is bit less than forecasted and the previous quarter’s number of phone sold. However, the revenue is more in this quarter. The average price of Smartphone sold is calculated as $315 while it was $240 in the last year. So, it seems that the premium and the expensive Smartphone Blackberry Priv is the main reason that drove the average price in this quarter. Also, it says clearly that many of that 700, 000 Smartphone sold this quarter include Blackberry Priv. However again it is not clear the number of the premium set sold. The CEO Chen also answered very cautiously when asked about his schemes to bring the business in a break even position after continuously facing loss.

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