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An Android mascot is seen in front of a logo of Blackberry in this photo illustration taken in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 12, 2015. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Blackberry smartphones on Android

Blackberry smartphones on Android

An anonymous source to Reuters claims that the coming Smartphones from producer Blackberry will run on Android. This myth looks to be reality because three other parity’s claimed the same.

At the moment Blackberry Smartphones run on their own OS, called Blackberry 10. Launched in2013, Blackberry didn’t bring it to a real success as the intentions where at that point in time. Blackberry only has 1%of the smartphone market . To change that, the company plans on switching to Android, the OS that is been used for other large producers like Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei. It isn’t clear if this will be the end of the development of their own Blackberry 10 OS.


Around autumn 2015 we expect the first Blackberry with Android. We think it will be a slider phone including touchscreen. With Blackberry’s integrated keyboard the can make a marketing technical jump because they will discern themselves with that.

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