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Catch up and share ride with the new meraLift app


With mobile phones catering to every bit of current human needs, here’s another application that definitely shows potential to hit it off with today’s crowd, both young and elderly. meraLift promises to be a solution to beat the rush-hour traffic by sharing bike rides. Not just that, you get to do this with your own friends in your contact list, and in the process, you might even end up spending a fun catch up session over coffee with your long lost college mate!

meraLift also boasts of other advantages. It proves to be a safe option, where in you share rides only with those in your contact list, who are riding nearby, and not any stranger. And in this age of pollution and dust, why ride alone and contribute further to it? Share your ride and reduce the emission from the second bike!

What you need to do to start using the app is: download meraLift app from Google Play store, install it on your smart phone, invite friends in your contact list to start using the application, and voila – you are set! Next time you want to share a ride, login to meraLift and join a friend who is around and going in the same direction as you!

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