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How To Change The Units To KM From Miles On Apple Watch Workout

Apple watch is the excellent advent from Apple that is just more than a watch and could perform a lot of tasks. This is packed with various useful apps using which the users can accomplish several jobs in just minutes. Workout is such a helpful app in Apple watch that helps you to achieve a desired body shape. This app can track the distance covered, speed, time and your heart rate while you perform any of the exercise such as walking, running, cycling or other exercises.

In order to use the workout app, first launch it and it will display the type of activities such as walk, run, cycle, row or whatever you want. As you select the option, it will take you to a different screen to set the target. Here you can set anything for example, the calorie you want to burn or the time target. Specifying distance is also possible but it requires you to swipe the screen left once again which will allow you to set the distance you want to run or walk in miles.

But there are many like me who prefer to calculate the distance in kilometers rather than in miles. While changing the units is pretty easy and easily located in the settings but in apple watch this is hidden. Here the process of changing units in Apple watch workout is explained so that you can set the required distance unit.

Process to change the Units from Miles to KM in Apple Watch:

  • First launch the workout app and select the exercise you want.
  • Swipe the screen left to see the distance.
  • Now firmly press the distance screen and hold pressing it till you see a feedback.
  • A new screen will be displayed where you can select the KM option to see the distance in kilometer.

So, the process is too simple and does not take hours. If you want to set the previous unit that is Miles for some reasons, follow the same process.

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