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How To Check Long Term Stock Performance Charts In Your iPhone Stocks App

If you have a plan to jump into the portfolio management or investment banking, having Stocks app in the iPhone is the best idea for that. This app is really cool through which you can make yourself more engaged with the day to day stock performance. Also those wishing to do a deep historical stock review for a more informed investment, Stocks app is going to help them a lot in this case as it can provide you with the 5-10 years old stock performance charts.

But users are first required to pick an individual market index or sticker symbol to have a quick glance at the stock performance. You will easily get the chart review for 1 month, 3 months, 6months, 1 year and 2 years but it involves a trick to get the stock performance chart that are much older than 2 years. This is a hidden feature and with a simple tip, you can uncover it.

Here is how to check the long term stock performance charts in the Stocks app:

  • First launch the Stocks app in your iPhone and then navigate to the ticker symbol to tap on that for seeing the 5 or 10 year long Stock performance chart of that particular market index.
  • As you select the market index, it will normally display you up to 2 years stock performance chart on the screen. But in order to see much older performance, just rotate the device and it will show you two additional range 5 years and 10 years.
  • Now just tap on the range option 5 years or 10 years to check the stock performance charts of that period.

Knowing the history is always good for better growth as it will reveal where the stock catapulted or else when the stock faltered and according to that, you can take the decision. While in this landscape, just swipe left or right and it will let you see other Stocks as well which is being listed in the Stocks app.

Apart from this Stocks app, Siri is another feature in iOS that provide details on stock market performance quickly. But this app could not offer you the long term stock performance data and for that Stocks app is the one to help you in this case. So, have this app in your iPhone and jump into the stock market more prominently.

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