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Chinese Tech Companies Reportedly Hiring Cheerleaders to Motivate Programmers

Cheerleaders are often seen in Universities and school competitions, but there was a report that some of the Chinese Tech companies are now benefiting from the cheerleading services of hired “cheerleaders” to motivate their programmers in developing programs. It is as if having a cheerleader is one of the employee benefits to enjoy with while working hard for the company. They are some pretty and talented girls, some are even sporty and athletic, and who are assigned to make the work environment of these programmers a lot fun and enjoyable.

As they said, these girls even take breakfast into the programmers’ desk every morning. Who can say what other tasks they are assigned to do just to cheer the male employees while working? Some tasks are even demanded after office hours just to ensure that the programmer is being motivated accordingly. There are photos of cheerleaders playing table tennis with a programmer as part of the job; while some are shown clapping as the programmer plays the guitar in the office.

Efficiency at work has been observed during those times. But although there were improvements in the productivity and work results of the programmers being cheered by these cheerleaders, there are also rages about these girls being used as “hooters” in the office. After photos went viral on Facebook and social media, proving these cheerleaders were hired for such purpose, the public disagrees of such intent because of the idea that girls in China were mistreated and degraded. Yet, there are some men who also want the same benefits in their offices and workplaces.

Negative comments flooded the posts as more Facebook users see it as an inequality and discrimination to women. You can expect what words and comments were used to describe such practice, making these photos a trending post in Facebook all throughout China.

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