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How To Create Checklists To Notes In OSX and iOS?

A much improved Notes application is one of the standout features of iOS 9 and Mac OSX- El Capitan. It let you draw sketches with your finger, add photos, but arguably the most important feature has been the addition of the checklist feature.

A checklist works wonders for a host of items which include wish list, to-do lists, track progress over a development and what not. These lists are interactive enough so that you can check off individual items as well. Another great feature is that if you apply these changes while using iCloud these changes are automatically synced to your devices. Whatever you intend to use it for, it is a welcome change implemented in Mac and iOS.

Before we begin you need to make sure that you have upgraded your iOS compatible devices to iOS 9 and Mac to OSX 10.11. Otherwise you won’t have access to the checklist feature.

Here’s a step by step guide to create checklist in iOS:

  • Open notes from your compatible device. If you do not have any notes saved previously the “Folders” screen opens up. Tap on the folder in which you want your checklist to be saved. We will use the “Notes” folder.
  • Tap on the pencil and pad icon on the lower right corner of your screen to create a new note.
  • Next, tap on the grey circle with a plus sign placed just above the keyboard. It will reveal a toolbar providing access to the new notes features.
  • A toolbar on display provides access to a set of Notes features. Tap on the first icon, which is a green circle with a tick mark to create a new checklist item.
  • An empty circle will appear on your note, letting you type your first to-do. Add your notes and then press Enter which takes the cursor to a new line to create another to-do and keep on adding multiple items on your checklist.
  • Once you are done creating your checklist, tap on “Done”, present on the upper right corner.


Create a checklist in Mac OSX:

  • Open the finder and head to the Applications folder. From there find and select notes and Double-click to launch it.
  • Now click on the pencil and pad icon along the top or hit Command- N combination on your keyboard to create a new note.
  • Click on the checklist icon (a white circle with a tick) from the toolbar, or hit the Shift-Command-L keyboard combination to select ‘Checklist from Notes’ in the format menu.
  • Type in your checklist items, alongside where there will be empty box. Separate each of the checklist items by Enter.
  • Tap on the empty checklist box once you’re done with your task which will then turn green to denote task completion. To delete a checklist, simply click on the Trash icon in the toolbar.

Creating and using checklists is the same on Mac OSX and iCloud. An important point to note is that Notes from previous versions of the iOS and OSX will not be visible unless you update those devices.

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