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How To Dim iPhone Screen For Nighttime Reading

Most of the iPhone users have faced this problem while reading in bed at night: the screen is too much bright even at the lowest brightness. Many of us want to get cosy and relaxed at the end of the day and read a book or article from that favourite magazine before going to sleep. But with the iPhone, you won’t finish the whole article without giving a strain to your eye and with so much of backlight at the lowest setting, most users have a hard time falling asleep.

Of course if you don’t have a limit on your wallet, you can buy Amazon’s Kindle for reading which has the feature of automatically reducing the brightness of the screen as your eyes adjust to the screen, or you can also use the Kindle App on your iPhone. This means that whenever you are reading an eBook, you have the option of reducing the brightness, but when you are using any other application, or browsing through a website on Safari, you do not have the choice of reducing the overall brightness way below the actual level and hurt your eyes when you are reading in a dim light room or in bed at night.

But one thing we also know is that the hardware of the iPhone is capable of reducing the backlight even below the lowest setting because iBooks have always allowed us to do so. But do not worry, you can still do this manually and do not think that this low brightness level can be only be accessed via iBooks. Apple as usual doesn’t give any tips and tricks for this but we have mentioned all the detailed steps below to reach screen brightness level way below the lowest setting.

  1. Go to Setting and click on the General option
  2. Find the Accessibility option and inside it click on Zoom
  3. Inside the Zoom menu, toggle the Zoom to ON.
  4. After that do a triple tap with your 3 fingers on the screen.
  5. Now you will see a translucent model configuration menu. In the menu, tap on Choose Filter.
  6. Now select the Low Light option and you will see a slider at the bottom of the translucent menu
  7. Drag the slider all the way to the left, thus dimming the screen. It is Low Light feature of iPhone that allows the brightness of the screen way below its actual level. The actual setting of the slider will be at the middle. You can shift to extreme left.
  8. Now tap away from the menu and tap on the Zoom Region option
  9. Select Full Screen Zoom under Zoom Region option
  10. Now go back to the Accessibility menu by clicking the back arrow button
  11. Assign the Accessibility Shortcut under the Accessibility menu to Zoom
  12. Exit

Now whenever you want to reduce the brightness of the screen for night time reading, just triple tap the Home button and then your screen will dim way below the lowest brightness level. If you want your screen to be back to its previous setting, just triple tap the Home button again and you will back to your original brightness level.

This method can be used for avid readers who like to read novels and books at night, as excessive bright light can be harmful to your eyes and although it is recommend reading in a well lit room, you can use these settings so that reading at night doesn’t become a painful experience for you.

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