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How To Disable Touchwiz On Your Samsung Galaxy S6 For A Clean Android Look

One of the great features of an Android phone over a windows or an iOS phone is that it can be readily customized to suit your needs. Phone manufacturers take advantage of this and try to customize and tune up their phone in their own unique way so that it stands out from the others.

As a result of this Samsung has added an own skin for their Android phones which is known as TouchWiz. It adds a splash of color to the user interface which makes the screen colors look more vibrant and diverse when you use it.

However, many of us want a clean Android device with a standard User Interface resulting which the TouchWiz feature is undesirable. Disable the TouchWiz feature to get the standard Android OS interface and make your phone look more Google than Samsung’s.  Here a few options by which you can disable TouchWiz on S6.

Installing a Third Party Launcher

One of the easiest ways to disable TouchWiz on S6 is by installing a third party launcher. A launcher is an app which will let you customize the home screen in order to suit your needs. A default launcher is inbuilt in your device but you can always use third party launchers to customize your device accordingly.

There are many popular launchers available in Playstore but to get that authentic look and feel of a Stock android device it is recommended to use the Google Launcher.

  • To install it go to ‘Playstore’ type ‘Google Now Launcher’ and then search and install it. After installing it press the ‘Home’ button which will take you to the home screen of your device and will be prompted to select a new ‘Home Screen App’.
  • Select ‘Google Now Launcher’ and tap on ‘Always’. Now you have a lean user interface and your TouchWiz is disabled.

Removing unnecessary Samsung Apps without rooting your device

One of the biggest annoyances with a TouchWiz feature is the abundance of unnecessary apps (known as bloatware apps) that come pre-bundled on your phone. These take a decent amount of your phone memory and are not required at all. You can remove these apps and disable TouchWiz on S6 with the use of a Windows Debloater tool without rooting your device. It is easy to use and you can select multiple apps at once and remove them.

Note that some of the pre-bundled apps are necessary for the functionality of your device, but a large majority of them isn’t. Apps like Lookout, Milk Music, S Finder, S Voice, Hancom office, Voice recorder and weather can be safely removed from your device.

  • To remove these apps, download the Debloater.exe file from a software website and go ahead and install it on your pc and double click to launch it.
  • Connect your device using a USB cable and then click on ‘Read Device Packages’ to begin a scan of the apps installed on your device.
  • A list appears with the apps that are installed and to disable them you need to simply check the boxes adjacent to them. Click on ‘Apply’ and Debloater tool will now disable your apps.
  • On using the phone again, you will see that the apps have disappeared from your phone as if you’ve uninstalled them.

Once you’ve uninstalled these you can pick and use stock Android apps from Google for a better functionality and experience.

Perform a factory Reset

Note that Performing a factory reset will remove all of the user data so make sure you have backed up your data in a media (flash drive, CD, DVD) device or online. Contacts, emails and apps that were on your phone can be added back by re-syncing your Google account back with your Samsung Galaxy S6.

A factory reset restores the phone’s software to a brand new condition to the date when you bought it and helps to disable TouchWiz on S6.

It helps in resolving most of the issues related to the device. To perform a factory reset, go to Apps > Backup and Reset > and then scroll to ‘User and Backup’, scroll to ‘Personal Data’ and select on ‘Factory Reset’.

Select ‘Erase Everything’ and your device will reboot and then reset back to its factory settings. Make sure that you do not accept and install unnecessary Samsung updates thereafter to keep the use of TouchWiz at bay.

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