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Easy Printing from an Android Phone or Tablet using Google Cloud Print

Convenience and expediency are two vital features of Android phones or tablets that make them indispensable for just about everyone. As mini computers, they allow the individual to browse the web, play games, watch videos, chat, send emails, or make video calls among a few things. The introduction of the official Cloud technology, which is free and available with Google, takes the practical use of these mobile devices to another level. Users of Android Phones and tablets can now print with ease from them.

How to set up a classic printer will be featured in detail here since most of the latest printers in the market today are already supplied with Cloud or Bluetooth capabilities. A classic printer can still be used as a printing medium from an Android phone or tablet provided that the Google Chrome browser is installed and that the user has a Google Chrome account. Before working on the software, the intended printer for use must be already connected to the PC. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC
  • Hit the Menu located at the top right side of the window
  • Go to Settings
  • Proceed to Show Advanced Settings
  • Look for the Google Cloud Print near the bottom part of the options then choose Add Printers
  • Use your Google Account to gain access to Google Cloud Print
  • Confirmation will be asked if the highlighted printer is the right one. Hitting Add Printer will successfully register the said printer to Google Cloud Print.
  • Registration Complete

The process of signing up the local printer to Google Cloud Print will allow Google Chrome to act as an intermediary between the classic printer and Google Cloud Print. In this case, the chain of command will work if both PC and printer are powered on, the internet is active, while the user is logged on to his Google Chrome Account.

For the Android phone or tablet to work, the Cloud Print app has to be installed as well. Here is the process:

  • Install and then launch the Cloud Print App on your mobile device
  • Log in to your Google Chrome Account which should be the same account used for Google Cloud Print
  • Click the Printer icon.
  • Select a printer.
  • The selected printer will be the default printer every time you access Google Account to print regardless of the mobile device you will be using.

As already mentioned, the latest printers already come with Cloud-ready capabilities. If they are not ready out of the box, a set of instructions always comes with the purchase of any of these printers. Cloud-ready printers allow the user wireless connection between the mobile phone and the printer for ease of access and use.

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