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EasyTouch Classic

EasyTouch is one of the biggest innovations in mobile apps; it acts as an assistive tool for Android devices. It has a floating panel on the screen using which you can easily operate your mobile device. It also gives you the ability to quickly access your favorite apps, games, and notifications. The best part about EasyTouch is that it serves an ideal app to protect the physical buttons as the usage of buttons on the phone is almost minimal. The virtual panel can effectively reduce the hardware consumption, thus prolongs the mobile devices battery life.

The best part about the app is that it requires very less space on your mobile device of space requirement of 2.3 MB. This app also lets you clean your phone’s memory and thus boosts its speed with the added ability to customize the app as per your needs; the new themes for the app are updated regularly too. Due to its maximum utility this app qualifies as a must-have in mobile devices.

You can install this app for free from the Google play store and would require to have android version 2.2 and up. Having installed by as many as 50 M users, this app’s utility is nothing to have doubt for.

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