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Some Excellent Hidden Features In Windows 10 Smartphones

Microsoft has launched so many high end smartphones in past year like Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. And with the release of these new flagships, Microsoft has also rolled out the latest Mobile OS which is Windows 10. With the Windows 10, the main mindset of Microsoft is to bring the whole windows ecosystem in just one roof. One of the best things about windows 10 is that the flexibility it offers to the developers with its Universal Windows Platform.

In addition to that, Microsoft has also a point in mind to make which is Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL super productive for its users. So with the new Windows 10, they plan to do exactly that. Here you will find some hidden features in Windows 10 OS for smartphone users so that you can use your device in the best possible way.

  1. Reachability One-handed mode

Now one of the biggest issues which smartphone users having big screen size are facing is the reachability to the other end of the screen. Because of the sheer size of the smartphone, people had difficulty to access the overall screen of the phone. So in windows 10, if you can get the reachability feature where if you hold on to Windows button for a second, the whole display will drop down so that your thumb can reach to the other end. If you do not want to use this feature, then tap on the blank screen.

  1. Unlock the phone with Windows Hello

Although the windows phone doesn’t have the finger sensor to unlock the smartphone with a fingerprint, it has come up with a new feature of its own. You can unlock the smartphone with your eye. You can activate the ‘iris’ feature of the smartphone and get the smartphone screen opened up with eye scan.

  1. Protect Sensitive data with Kid’s corner

With this feature, you can safely hand over your smartphone to any kid or other person and be assured that your personal data is not toggled with. You can add all the games, common apps, music and videos in this section and hand over the device to the kid.

  1. Quickly take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot can be tricky sometimes and especially if you are using that particular mobile OS for the first time. In Windows 10 smartphones, you can hold down the lock switch button and the volume up key simultaneously to quickly take a screenshot of the information present on your device at that time.

  1. Lock, reset and track your Windows 10 device with “Find my phone”

Now windows 10 has also come up with the “Find my phone” feature, where you can make your device ring, lock, erase or locate itself on the map. With this feature, you can always locate your phone or delete the personal data if it gets stolen. This is a free service and can be activated by signing in to your Microsoft Account and switch on the feature.

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