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Facebook adds posts to search results

In an effort to make life easier for its user, Facebook has added back about 2 trillions of posts. This change means that older posts will be available to the users when they search for news or any information.

This move is in the effort to maintain the number of audiences and not let them move to other sites to be up to date with events.

There are also options for the users if they don’t want to see older posts.

Facebook’s head of search Tom Stocky said that about 1.5 billion searches are carried out by its user on Facebook daily.

The changes made will allow users to see posts from strangers also as well as those from the news organization and people who are close to them. This feature is right now available only for the Facebook users in the United States.

Caitlin McGarry believes that this move by Facebook comes in context with the introduction of the similar system by Twitter called Moments. This move now creates a competition between Facebook and Twitter.

Ms. McGarry said that Facebook has a large number of users when compared to twitter so Facebook’s potential reach for its tools related to search is also larger than Twitter.

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