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Facebook Backup Plan To Help It Keep Running On Google’s Android Platform

Facebook and Google are at odds with each other when it comes to their competing ads along with search interest. But now it seems Facebook is really ready to come out with the plan that would help it run in android forever. To start with, the tech giant has a year old contingency plan to replicate many of the jobs that the users mainly enjoy through the Google Play enabled apps such as updates and in app purchase. Not just that rather Facebook has also explored ways to assist people downloading android apps out of the play store while they would bring alternatives to Google map to provide location information to the users.

Facebook have played well planned game to test the android user’s dependency on their app. They introduced a glitch (knowingly) to see if people leave the Facebook in case they are not able to use the android apps on Google’s platform. But fortunately, the result was in Facebook favor as according to the finding, users would choose to stick to the mobile website rather than loosing contacts with the online Facebook friends.

It does not sounds like Zuckerberg and his team is going to leave the competitive tool soon and if Google dared to snatch the app anyway, they would create a horrible situation in their own. While this might be proved as inconvenient for the Facebook users, Google will face a big lose in the play store and in app revenue. And in case Facebook find the Google’s app policies are too restraining, they would better ditch the play store.

This is not known if the search giant Google is aware of this fallout, however no doubt this move of Facebook would restrict other corporate rivalries from exploiting your social networking experience anyway.

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