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Facebook To Ban Users From Coordinating Private Gun Sales In Its Site

Facebook, the biggest social networking site comprising a big number of monthly visitors around 1.59 billion announced very recently that they will ban the private sales of gun in their sites which will also be extended to one of the biggest photo sharing site Instagram as well.

This move by Facebook came after president Obama forced the company to stop flowing the huge numbers of post and messages that is mainly to offer the sales of guns, sometimes without even checking out their background. However, this policy will not be applicable to the licensed gun dealers.

Before this, Facebook has restrained its users from offering the illegal drugs Marijuana in it sites and now it’s the time for selling of private guns. Even though they are not directly involved with the gun sales but no doubt this very popular social networking site used to serve as a strong forum for the gun sellers and buyers.

Facebook is the platform that helps people discovering new products and they can buy and sell things in this site itself promptly. According to Monika Bickert, the head of Facebook’s product policy, they are trying hard to provide even better experience to its users by developing and launching new products along with updating their policies to make the situation far better.

Facebook is a big market place with a great number of visitors and they took a step earlier also in 2014 to limit the sales of gun in the sites. Definitely this move by Facebook will draw the attention of National Rifle Association and the gun owner. However the largest social networking site never mentioned the word gun in their statement as online market place do not allow the gun sales while Google Adwords do not permit ads that prompt dangerous weapons.

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