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Facebook To Bring SMS Integration In Messenger, Also Adds Support For Multiple Accounts

Facebook is currently testing a way to enable its users receive, read and send SMS in the messenger app. This is an approach by Facebook to bring users more towards its messenger app by shifting them from the default texting app. As the company is currently on testing mode so some of the users have noticed a new SMS settings option in their messenger app that allow them to start SMS conversation.

To start using Messenger as SMS based client, first they need to enable the option followed by which a prompt would ask them to write SMS messages. The sent SMS would be seen as purple colored bubble whereas messages sent in messenger is usually seen in blue color. Using the same app as default SMS client and instant messaging app can do a great job for many.

But this is not the only change the Facebook messenger users are going to experience rather Facebook is also going to add support for multiple accounts in the same app . So, switching between accounts is really easy and those shares a device will find this added support more helpful.

The messenger app in the android devices will now have a new section called as ‘Accounts’ by tapping on which you can add or remove any account. To maintain privacy, those accounts will be protected by password so that no one can have a look at your messages other than you. Other users will just see the notification but the content will not be available to them.

This feature is going to help a lot of people who have a single Smartphone at home but all wants to make use of the messenger app. While the SMS option would be optional for users but this multiple account support would be available worldwide.

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