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Facebook Brings Some Photo Magic And Conversation Customization Option Into Messenger

Facebook planned to gift something special to all its users this holiday season, so it came up with the excellent photo magic and conversation customization feature in its Messenger app. This feature in Facebook’s Messenger app makes photo sharing much easier so that all can share photos with the loved ones easily just after clicking it. Most of the people will definitely capture as many photos as possible to cherish this special time later and photo magic works to make the job effortlessness.

Photo magic feature alerts users to share the clicked photos with all those whoever is in the pictures. This feature follows the same technology being used by Facebook to recognize a friend automatically when you try tagging or sharing some photos in the Facebook. Photo magic recognizes the friends from the contact list who are in the photos and allow you to share photos easily with them or with a group.

This feature can be activated by going to the settings menu of messenger app. Just tap on ‘Try it’ if prompted, however, this feature is in the rollout phase so you might or might not see it now. When activated, a simple click on the ‘send’ will allow you to share the photos while ‘cancel’ will opt out the process. The messenger app have also been upgraded very recently with the 3D touch that enables users to send messages directly from the home screen in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Another newly introduced feature in Messenger by Facebook is the conversation customization process. This new way of conversation customization allows the users to change the color scheme, emojis connected with that conversation and nicknames effectively by going to the settings menu of that group or contacts.

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