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Facebook Celebrates Turning 12 With The Cute ‘Friends Day’ Videos

Facebook turned 12 years on 4th Feb and they plan to celebrate this occasion on the selfless Mark Zuckerberg style. Now they have their own holiday named as ‘Friends Day’. Facebook is sending friends day video card to all its users that features photos of the users and their friends. Even there is option to edit those videos so that users can make some editing on it if they wish and share with the friends. It is also accompanied by some friends day sticker as well.

A pre-birthday party was organized by Facebook team this week to celebrate this auspicious day where 18 users from Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Louisiana and other places were invited to share how this social networking platform changed their lives. This party was thrown at the Menlo Park headquarters.

Facebook walked a nice path in this few years and managed to gain a huge user base from all over the world. It had around 750 million total users in 2011 while it got doubled in these 5 years and reached to 1.59 billion. Due to this helpful platform people now prefers to contact with each other over messaging which making the phone numbers obsolete.

It has a great MAU (monthly active users) and DAU (Daily active users) since the beginning and the number is being increasing with days. Stickiness is another important thing that is obtained by dividing the DAU by MAU. It let you know how many monthly users in Facebook are coming back each day. If the percentage is big, it says how this platform successfully engaging its users. This number is going up with time as it reached to 65% from 62% in 2013. The users are now more inclined to use Facebook than they used to do in the past and this is a big reason why Facebook is celebrating their birthday such an enormous way.

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