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Facebook Changes ‘Real Name’ Policy – Victims of Abuse and Disenfranchised Groups Commend the Changes

When it comes to anonymity, Facebook strictly prohibits it and insists on the use of real names on its accounts. Of course, Facebook does not like the sound of “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Surrounded by criticism regarding its real name policy, Facebook has announced a change in the policy modifying the rules of names used on the social networking website.

The previous policy created problems for people from the transgender and queer community. In addition to this, many victims of abuse used a different name to hide from their abusers. With modifications in the policy, Facebook endeavors to provide a leeway to those who need to use a different name in their Facebook account.

The social networking website is firmly committed on continuing to verify the names linked to the accounts. The changed policy will make it easier for people to verify their names and streamline the name verification process.

In addition to this, the policy also changes the way fake names were being reported. This means that if you report a fake name you will have to provide further information on why the report is being filed and you will have to mention details about it in a text box.

Facebook’s vice president of global operations, Gage and Justin Osofsky said, “We will also continue to work on making the experience itself more compassionate and easier to navigate.” With the new policy in place, accounts will not be suspended immediately. Instead, users who are being reported will have access to their profiles for seven days while disputing the challenge.

Many representatives of different queer organizations have commended the changes in the policy. Facebook had apologized in October last year to people who had been adversely affected by its real name policy. Criticism about the policy grew with the formation of the ‘Nameless Coalition’ which was formed by groups like American Civil Liberties Union of California, The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Human Rights Watch.

The change in the policy is a substantial step taken by Facebook to voice its acceptance of people from all communities. These changes are bound to be accepted favorably by everyone, especially those who belong to the queer and LGBT community. In addition to this, victims of abuse may find Facebook to be much safer as the new policy takes effect.

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