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Facebook Closes Down Its Parse Development Platform

Facebook is closing down its Parse development platform, the suite for developer tools that it acquired in 2013 for $85 million in order to help small developers in building apps using the Facebook tools and servers. However, Parse will still be active till 2017 so that developers can get enough time to move their products in other platforms. But no doubt it will create a hassle as developers have around 600,000 apps built in the Parse platform.

This news came to the light just after the Parse CEO Ilya Sukhar decided to leave the company. According to another co-founder of Parse, Kevin Lacker, they completely understand the situation and it will not be an easy transition anyway but they are really working hard to make the process as easy as they can. He also added that, they are always committed to provide the backend service in this sunset period and will come up with all the necessary tools to help developers in migrating to other platforms. They are also open sourcing the Parse server so that most of the developers can run their Parse API from the very own Node.js server. People liked to use Parse server mainly because they are not required to deal with any kind of servers and now it is to see that how many users can make this switch successfully.

This sudden decision of closing down the Parse platform is a big surprise from Facebook but according to them, just to cut down losses, they have taken such a decision. Big companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are offering the very similar tools to the developers and this is not worth to spend valuable resources to compete with these existing competitors. This is the reason why Facebook decided to shutter down the Parse development platform all of a sudden.

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