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What Is Facebook Dislike And How To Dislike Or Show Support To Facebook Post

The ‘like’ and ‘comment’ button in Facebook allow its users to comment on some post while by clicking on the like button they can show that they agree with their friends on certain matter or else have found the shared thing interesting. According to Bret Taylor, the former Facebook CTO, ‘Like’ button is the simplicity of Facebook that is a very small gesture through which users can tell their friends that they appreciate their friends and at the same time it is a very good way to communicate with friends and to bring people closer.

But, there might be time when clicking on the like button can be a stupid act to many and users keep on searching for another quick way to show their sympathy. For example, your friend is suffering from some horrible diseases or else he has heavy pressure in the workplace. Now, you might tap on the ‘Like’ button to show empathy while some might find it irrational. This is why Facebook wanted to add another button ‘dislike’ to express the sympathy and show support towards friends. A news was emerged on October 2015 that claimed Facebook is experimenting with the Dislike button but this button is never seen as the opposite polar of like button.

Even though Facebook has thought of implementing the ’Dislike’ button but they could not do it in real till date as according to them, it might also invite negativity on the social network because there are people who might use this button to attack a person who have posted it.

Facebook reactions button:

With a perception that Dislike button could bring negativity on the social platform, Chris Cox, the chief product officer of Facebook stated that they are experimenting with reactions button rather than just adopting the dislike button.

The reactions button will be the extension of ‘Like’ button to allow users to convey their sentiments such as wow, love, ha ha and ya ya.

Till Facebook comes with their reactions and the dislike button, you can make use of the following ways to dislike or show support to a Facebook post.

How to show sympathy to a Facebook post:

Expressing sympathy by tapping on the like button is normally accepted by all but you might feel it insensitive to do so. So, what you can do till Facebook add their reactions and dislike button is just add a comment to show your sympathy or to show your support. Also, you might want to make it private, if this is the case then use Facebook messenger and show your support.

How to dislike a post in Facebook:

Facebook is planning to feature the social network with the dislike button but it is still not known if Facebook could actually do this. Disliking a post would be easier if the button is added but there are other ways to express your displeasure to a particular post.

  • The first thing you could do is to remove the post that you don’t like from your news feed. Click at the download arrow located at the top right corner and it will present the option ‘Hide post’. Select that to hide the post.
  • In case you find the person who is posting such type of content is a serial offender, then it is better to unfollow him. This option will not block him but will not show you the posts from that person.
  • Another option is to unfriend that person if he is not that close to you and you really want to get rid of him.

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