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Facebook India’s MD Kirthiga Reddy To Step Down

Kirthiga Reddy, the MD of Facebook India has announced that she has planned to step down for moving back to the US after six years of long period in India in order to explore new opportunities. She has stated this move as ‘bittersweet’ which is a ‘natural transition’ for her school aged children. In just next 6 to 12 months this transition will take place after which she will start working in Menlo Park, California at the Facebook Headquarter and the MD will be back to the US with her family.

Kirthiga Reddy who is currently working with the MD of emerging markets, William Easton and VP of Asia Pacific Dan Neary for searching her successor has joined Facebook in 2010 as the first employee of Facebook in India. But it’s now time for relocation. She has written in a post that she is really grateful to have two countries to be called as home and she will be happy to partner with each of them.

This announcement came the day after Facebook’s free basic service was being rejected by the Indian Telecom regulatory authorities. This Telecom regulatory authority prevented the company from practicing different pricing policies based on content. Not just in India rather many other countries have accused this social networking platform for violating the net neutrality concept according to which every data and website should be treated equally.

But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is bit disappointed with the Indian telecom regulatory rules and said they were working hard to remove all the barriers to connectivity in India along with other countries in the world. According to a Facebook spokesperson, Kirthiga is moving back to US so as to work with the team in Headquarter. He also added that she was not involved in any kind of Free basics service effort during her tenure in India.

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