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Facebook Introduces ‘Access Through Tor’ Feature To Its Mobile App

World’s biggest social networking website Facebook has taken one step ahead to provide better privacy options to its users. In a recent announcement, Facebook introduced a new feature, which will allow mobile app users to access Facebook ‘Anonymously’.

Back in 2014 Facebook became a part of the onion router network‘s Project Tor by launching an onion address. Tor allows users to access Facebook anonymously without giving up the information about their real location. However, this feature was only available for the users on Tor-enabled browsers and not on mobile app.

Facebook is now all set to provide the Tor support in its mobile app. The new feature sprouted from a suggestion by a British computer science student Will Shackleton, during his summer internship at Facebook’s London office. The company will offer experimental support for mobile app connections to Tor servers via Orbot, the official proxy app by Tor for Android. The app links up with Tor network and directs the user’s traffic through a series of virtual tunnels connected by various servers around the world to provide anonymity. Orbot is available on Google Play store as well as on Orbot F-droid repository.

To access Facebook’s new privacy feature on android, Users will have to install Orbot. After installing Orbot, Users will have to toggle ‘use Tor via Orbot’ option that will be available in the app settings. The privacy feature will disable the notifications, as it is not possible to send them over Tor.

The new privacy feature is yet on its way to make a debut in mobile app. Facebook assured that this new feature will be available in the mobile app by the end of this week.

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